The Adventure of Cheong Fun is a brand-new & all-fun 3D animated TV series about a group of friends, originating from oriental & traditional DIM SUM delicacies, traveling through the realms of Hong Kong and China on a mission.


Cheong Fun

An upbeat, positive hawker boy with dreams that soar so high they would scrape skies. He is always innovative, picking the best, most unthinkable ways to solve issues and aspires to be the world's greatest chef.


Cheong Fun's favorite female sidekick, she is happy-go-lucky, pretty and loves having fun. But when she gets fires up the slightly-less-angelic side of her. Nevertheless she is also amazingly friendly and supportive, though slightly bimbotic at times.


One of the original trio: he is playful, hyperactive and constantly cracking the best jokes. He falls for pretty food girls easily, going all out to impress them with his chivalrous silliness. He is inextricably loyal to Cheong Fun, having been with him all the way throughout their journey.


Dumpling-headed, he reveals a mysterious Kung Fu-proficient side him at times of peril and danger. He has a wonderfully good heart that acts in the most altruistic ways, always aiming to help others charitably and without reward.


Although being a dessert chef whose desserts are never good, he stands up to his critiques and failing sweet treats with more sheer determination and motivation each time, always refusing to give up. He may be arrogant and self-centered, but always wishes the best for his friends.


Your typical Hong Kongese street hawkers - the Dim Sum trio: Cheong Fun & Chi & Mai are about to break out of their rut of pretty street rivalry and change the course of their destiny forever as they discover and embark on a search in majestic, bustling China for the mystical 'Lost Seasoning' that would make them none less than the most glorious, most renown chefs in the world.

But can they do it, with the many new enticing enemies, and also interesting friends resembling a panoply of beautifully crafted Chinese specialty food....?


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