Motion Capture

Motion Capture (mocap) is a technique of digitally recording the movements of live actors for use in character animation. It is a powerful complement to traditional key-framing techniques.


Advantages of mocap:

- quick results, even for complex movements

- realistic physical interactions between characters, and between characters and the environment

- easy to re-shoot a scene if necessary


Young Jump Animation was quick to see the role that motion capture would play in character animation. We were the first studio in Malaysia to invest in its own high end optical mocap system. We were also the first studio in Malaysia to motion capture a pony!


Come to the Mocap Specialists!

- Over nine years experience and hundreds of capture hours

- Large capture area: 7 m wide by 9 m long

- We handle auditioning and casting of mocap actors

- Complex action sequences our specialty

- Quick, cost-effective solution to your animation needs

- Prestigious client list includes high profile international games developers